10 lakh Rupees Business ideas

1. Online Tutoring: Providing online tutoring services for students in various subjects, such as math, science, and languages.

2. Homemade Food Delivery: Preparing and delivering homemade food to customers, either through a subscription-based model or on-demand.

3. Online Store for Niche Products: Starting an online store that sells niche products, such as handmade crafts, organic skincare products, or unique gifts.

4. Car Washing Services: Providing car washing and detailing services to customers, either at their homes or at a designated location.

5. Photography Services: Offering photography services for weddings, events, or portrait sessions.

6. Mobile Repair Services: Providing mobile repair services for smartphones and tablets.

7. Organic Farming: Starting an organic farming business that produces and sells organic fruits and vegetables.

8. Personalized Gifting: Creating a business that offers personalized gifting services, such as customized gift baskets or personalized gifts.

9. Beauty Salon Services: Starting a beauty salon that offers services such as hair styling, makeup, and nail care.

10. Social Media Marketing Agency: Providing social media marketing services for small businesses, helping them increase their online presence and reach new customers.

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